If you want just to walk around, you couldn't find a better place. And if you want to explore more the National Park Sumava, just do it. There is so much to do and to see! In Kvilda surrounding are numerous possibilities where to go and what to do. We left for you at the apartment also a book about touristic tours at Šumava.

The best way to explore nature in Czech republic is to use the mobile app Mapy.cz. There you find all tourist routes as well as cross country skiing ones. 


Directly at Kvilda is an Information centre with many valuable tips on where to go and what to do. And even if you want, you can go to the woods and try so popular Czech hobby- mushroom or blueberry picking. Or you can rent sledges and do some sledging on one of the hills. Here are a few tips for walking tours but remember, there is much more to see and to do!

View Tower - Lake Fall (Jezerní slať)

Apx 3km from Kvilda to North is Lake Fall. You can go to view the tower and then make a round trip around and come back to Kvilda. The whole trip takes approximately 15 km. 

To wellspring of Vltava river

Have you ever been to Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic? Then you probably saw also the Vltava river. And imagine that this large river has its wellspring here, close to Kvilda. You can make a trip there which will take 4,5 hours, and you can get there by the blue touristic sign. Look for "Prameny Vltavy". 

Visitors centre Kvilda

If you go to the North, you will get to the Visitors centre. You can find there enclosures for deers and bobcats. 


Lookout tower on the Churáňov ski jump

You can get to the lookout tower from Churáňov following the blue marked tourist route of the Zadov ring road or along the cycle route that passes not far from here. The viewing platform is at the height of 32 meters and offers excellent views of the mountains with the Javorník peak or the Strakonice region and good visibility up to Brdy. If you don't want to walk uphill, you can use the Zadov-Kobyla cableway.

Zadov Rope Park

The PROUD rope centre offers rope crossings, wooden footbridges and crossings. There are low and high rope obstacles, so both beginners and children from the age of 6 will have a lot of fun here. Obstacles up to 12 meters high await experienced climbers here. More at https://www.lazadov.cz/la/leto-lanovypark.asp

Churáňov nature trail

A 6.5-kilometre-long nature trail begins and ends in Zadov at the Churáňov Hotel. You will find ten stops on it, where you can get acquainted with the endangered animals of Šumava, a protected landscape area, typical rural architecture, or with the life and work of Šumava writer Karel Klostermann.

The trail leads around Klosterman's Rock and along the river Losenice. The highest point is located just below the peak of Churáňovského hill at an altitude of 1,118 meters, on which stands the famous meteorological station.

More information about this beautiful National Park Šumava you can get also at www.npsumava.cz .